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Table 3 Time from release on European coasts until premature pop-up of pop-up satellite archival transmitters and pop-up data storage tags for silver eels tagged during the Galathea and EELIAD projects

From: Development and testing of attachment methods for pop-up satellite archival transmitters in European eel

Attachment method and tag type Number of eels (n) Mean time (days) SD Minimum time (days) Median time (days) Maximum time (days)
Økland PSAT 62 14.1 35.7 0.5 8.0 273.0
Westerberg PSAT 39 18.1 28.5 0.7 7.3 147.6
Westerberg PDST 10 21.0 28.5 1.6 6.4 85.6
  1. PDST: pop-up data storage tag; PSAT: pop-up satellite archival transmitters; SD: standard deviation.