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Figure 5

From: Survival of seaward-migrating PIT and acoustic-tagged juvenile Chinook salmon in the Snake and Columbia Rivers: an evaluation of length-specific tagging effects

Figure 5

Survival probability with length of subyearling Chinook for each tag type and reach. Survival of acoustic-tagged (AT) and PIT-tagged (PIT) subyearling Chinook salmon from release at Lower Granite Dam to Lower Monumental Dam, Ice Harbor Dam, and McNary Dam in 2007. Dot size represents the weight of each length-class point estimate. Results are plotted at the mean value of the length range (that is, bin). Results are based on weighted linear regression and P values are from weighted analysis of variance (α = 0.05). AT: acoustic transmitter; Int.: interaction; Len.: length; PIT: passive integrated transponder; Tag: tag type.

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