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Table 3 Study reach end locations (river kilometer [rkm]) for survival estimates of acoustic (AT) and PIT tagged Chinook salmon released at Lower Granite Dam (rkm 695)

From: Survival of seaward-migrating PIT and acoustic-tagged juvenile Chinook salmon in the Snake and Columbia Rivers: an evaluation of length-specific tagging effects

  Reach length (rkm)  
Detection point PIT fish AT fish Location of AT array
Lower Monumental Dam 106 106 Forebay
Ice Harbor Dam 157 157 Forebay
McNary Dam 225 243 Tailrace
John Day Dam 348 354 Tailrace
  1. AT acoustic transmitter, PIT passive integrated transponder.
  2. Survival was estimated to four downstream dams. All PIT detections occurred at the dam face but acoustic (AT) detections occurred either in the forebay or tailrace, as specified.