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Figure 3

From: Performance assessment of bi-directional knotless tissue-closure devices in juvenile Chinook salmon surgically implanted with acoustic transmitters

Figure 3

Schematic of the three suture patterns. A) 6-Point, B) Wide “N” and C) Wide “N” Knot (both 12- and 18-mm needle sizes). Solid red lines represent incisions. Brown dashed lines represent internal suture areas. Brown solid lines represent external suture areas. Brown curved lines represent the needle. The brown solid dot is the knot tied for the Wide “N” Knot treatment (both 12- and 18-mm). Black dotted lines section the incision into sites for description purposes (site 1, site 2 or site 3). The 6-Point suture pattern has three sites, and the Wide “N” and Wide “N” Knot (both 12- and 18-mm) have two sites. The arrows indicate the point of first insertion. “E” indicates entry points and “X” indicates exit points of the suture.

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