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Figure 3

From: Use of oviduct-inserted acoustic transmitters and positional telemetry to estimate timing and location of spawning: a feasibility study in lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush

Figure 3

Examples of simulated lake trout tracks (random walk models) and associated transmitter tracks for low-residency (that is, σ= 5; A, B) and high-residency (that is, σ= 90; C, D) lake trout. Simulations (6,400 in total) were used to evaluate the potential for use of a paired-transmitter experimental design to estimate the time and location of oviduct transmitter expulsion. Black tracks in (A) and (C) depict the true path of trout, while red and blue tracks in (B) and (D) depict the reconstructed path of the fish transmitter and oviduct transmitter, respectively, based on triangulated positions from a hypothetical positional array. Note the difference in scale between the two trout tracks.

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