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Table 4 Ecological questions asked in various radio-telemetry studies in India

From: Three decades of wildlife radio telemetry in India: a review

Ecological question Description of question Study animals (number of studies) Percentage of studies
Demography Population dynamics and survival rate estimation Carnivores (2) 2.4
Dispersal and spatial distribution Movement of sub-adults to new areas; pattern of dispersion of the species Carnivores (4) 4.9
Social organization Interrelationships of the group members Carnivores (3) 3.7
Competition Spatial separation of sympatric carnivores Carnivores (1) 1.2
Habitat preference Temporal and spatial use of habitat resources Carnivores (7), other mammals (11), birds (5) 28.1
Home range Estimation of area required for general activities by individual or group Carnivores (23), other mammals (15), birds (3), reptiles (3) 53.7
Migration and movement patterns Monitoring seasonal movement over long distances; spatio-temporal movement within home range Carnivores (14), other mammals (8), birds (9), reptiles (7), fish (1) 47.6
Activity patterns Time spent per activity or activity budget Carnivores (7) 8.5
Nesting and breeding behaviour Behavioural observation on various aspects of breeding Carnivore (1), birds (2), reptiles (1) 4.9
Food habits Direct observation with additional information from kill records and scat Carnivores (12), other mammals (1), reptiles (3) 19.5
Human–wildlife conflict Monitoring movement of conflict animals Carnivores (2), other mammals (1) 3.7
Translocation and rehabilitation Monitoring the condition of translocated and rehabilitated individuals Carnivores (4), other mammals (3), reptiles (2) 11.0