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Figure 2

From: An approach for filtering hyperbolically positioned underwater acoustic telemetry data with position precision estimates

Figure 2

The stationary test schematics and 2DRMS plots of all stationary test positions. Two schematics depict all VPS positions during two stationary tag tests, including (a) 29,355 positions between the dates (6/17/2010 to 7/01/2010), and (b) 16,400 positions between the dates (7/01/2010 to 7/08/2010), allowing us to evaluate array performance at two locations through an extended period of time. The white dot in the center of the clusters is the median location. The HPE versus measured error to the median point is shown for each estimated position during test one (c) and test two (d). The white circles with black outline and red x represent twice the distance root mean square error of x and y components of error within an HPE bin of one; 95% of tag detections have an error less than this point within each bin. Note there is a minimum HPE of 2.7 and 2.5 within the data. The line running between these points represents the 2DRMS and the equation and fit for this line are shown in the top left corner of (c) and (d), respectively. Data points above the 15 m bin, which can be seen in (a) and (b) are not shown in (c) or (d), because they are outside of the zone of interest.

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