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Table 4 Distances to closest centroid of another turtle for Dry Tortugas loggerheads foraging in the Bahamas

From: Bahamas connection: residence areas selected by breeding female loggerheads tagged in Dry Tortugas National Park, USA

Turtle Type of centroid Closest centroid and type Distance (km)
A KDE M, MCP 65.4
B KDE N, KDE 70.5
B* KDE N, KDE 71.2
C KDE M, MCP 37.1
D MCP N, KDE 52.7
D KDE N, KDE 47.9
E* KDE O, KDE 147.3
F MCP Q, KDE 16.4
G KDE K, KDE 53.1
G* KDE K, KDE 52.8
I KDE P, KDE 24.6
J KDE L*, KDE 6.9
K KDE Q, KDE 2.8
L KDE J, KDE 8.9
L* KDE J, KDE 6.9
M MCP C, KDE 37.1
N KDE D, KDE 47.9
O KDE E*, KDE 147.3
P KDE I, KDE 24.6
Q KDE K, KDE 2.8
R KDE A, KDE 192.3
S KDE P, KDE 32.3
   Mean: 52.2
   SD: 50.3
  1. A * after the turtle letter denotes the second tracking period for that particular individual.