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Figure 2

From: Satellite telemetry reveals physical processes driving billfish behavior

Figure 2

Movements of PSAT-tagged billfishes. Deployment (green triangles) and pop-up locations (red circles) of 486 billfishes in all pop-up satellite archival transmitting (PSAT) tag studies published between 2001 and 2014. Panels include locations for (a) 108 sailfish, (b) 119 blue marlin, (c) 184 swordfish, (d) 48 white marlin, (e) 2 longbill spearfish, (f) 20 striped marlin, and (g) 5 black marlin. Background polygons show species distribution, and color corresponds to species color in Figure 1. Panels h–j show distributions of shortbill, roundscale, and Mediterranean spearfish (respectively) that have yet to be studied with PSAT technology. Dashed polygons in panels f–g refer to spatial extent of 100+ and 42 tag datasets of striped (f) and black (g) marlin for which individual tracks could not be plotted (see note ‘p’ in Table 2).

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