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Table 1 Billfish taxonomy and pop-up satellite tagging effort to-date

From: Satellite telemetry reveals physical processes driving billfish behavior

Family Scientific name Common name Species code Ocean PSATs deployed
  Xiphias gladius Swordfish SWO Global 253 (23.4%)
  Makaira nigricans Blue marlin BUM Global 227 (21.0%)
  Kajikia albida White marlin WHM Atlantic 118 (10.9%)
  Kajikia audax Striped marlin MLS Indo-Pacific 275 (25.4%)
  Istiophorus platypterus Sailfish SAI Global 133 (12.3%)
  Istiompax indica Black marlin BLM Indo-Pacific 74 (6.8%)
  Tetrapturus angustirostris Shortbill spearfish SSP Indo-Pacific 0
  Tetrapturus belone Mediterranean spearfish MSP Med 0
  Tetrapturus georgii Roundscale spearfish RSP Atlantic 0
  Tetrapturus pfluegeri Longbill spearfish SPF Atlantic 2 (0.2%)
  1. Current billfish taxonomy [12] and the total number (and percent of total) of pop-up satellite archival transmitting (PSAT) tags deployed on each species and synthesized in this paper (see Table 2 for details on each tagging study).