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Figure 1

From: Sound production and associated behavior of tagged fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) in the Southern California Bight

Figure 1

Representative dive profiles of different types. a, c Tag records that contained calls, and b, d tag records that did not contain calls. a bp10_244b. b bp10_244a. c bp13_258c. d bp13_258a. None of these animals were exposed to sound playback experiments. Calls in (a) were recorded on a DTAG2 and were not able to be assigned to the tagged animal based on fast accelerometry. Calls in c were assigned based on this method. A small detail in c shows two representative dives near 12:30 pm. The acoustic record of the animal (d) did not contain any calls, but the whale was in an area with other calling fin whales [including (c)].

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