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Table 2 Antenna trigger efficiency

From: A system for automatic recording of social behavior in a free-living wild house mouse population

Month Correct events when entering Incorrect events when leaving Antenna failure (%)
Oct 100,784 996 0.99
Nov 95,639 1222 1.28
  1. Failure rate in registering RFID transponders by AniLoc during October 1st until November 30th 2013, when population size ranged between 206 and 265 tagged mice. Efficiency was estimated for 80 antennas by counting the number of incorrect registration events when a tagged mouse left a nest box (the individual was not read at either the “inner” or the “outer” antenna) after it had correctly entered the nest box (the individual was first read at the “outer” and afterwards at the “inner” antenna of the same nest box)