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Fig. 5

From: In the belly of the beast: resolving stomach tag data to link temperature, acceleration and feeding in white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias)

Fig. 5

Feeding event shown in white shark stomach tag data. The stomach temperature of a wild white shark (a) showing a feeding signature consistent with those found in the controlled feeding experiment. A more detailed (300 min window; outlined in box in a) look at this feeding event revealed a series of 5 stomach temperature dips (b) consistent with multiple ingestions. The series of ‘ingestion’ occurred after a period (c) of near-surface swimming, following a series of three vertical approaches to the surface. The first ascent was the longest and steepest and was associated with a large peak in sustained active acceleration (c) shown by the overall body acceleration (ODBA) smoothed to distinguish high and sustained energy exertion through accelerating motion

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