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Fig. 1

From: Assessing fine-scale diel movement patterns of an exploited coral reef fish

Fig. 1

Examples of horizontal and vertical activity space by time period. Horizontal and vertical activity space (kernel utilisation distributions, KUDs) by time period for two individuals: 10155 (a, c) and 10154 (b, d). The four time periods are indicated by colour: dawn (red), day (orange/yellow), dusk (blue) and night (black). Horizontal space use (a, b) is represented by latitude and longitude, where solid lines and orange indicate 50 % hKUD, and broken lines and yellow indicate 95 % hKUDs. Vertical space use (c, d) is represented as mean depth by mean distance from the reef crest, with filled colour denoting 50 % vKUD and lines as 95 % vKUD. Receiver positions are denoted by yellow triangles from inner receivers (located at lower latitudes in a, b; and on left in c, d) to outer receivers (highest latitudes in a, b; and on right in c, d)

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