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Table 3 Output of GLMs used to analyze long-distance movement frequencies of acoustic-tagged lake sturgeon

From: Effects of acoustic tag implantation on lake sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens: lack of evidence for changes in behavior

Phase Model IV(s) df AICc w D* (P)
I 1 Null (intercept only) 122 438.5 0.45 131.8 (0.26)
2 Residence time 121 439.4 0.29 131.8 (0.24)
3 Release group 121 440.1 0.20 131.7 (0.24)
4 Year 120 442.7 0.05 131.8 (0.22)
  1. IVs independent variables, df degrees of freedom, AICc Akaike’s Information Criterion, w Akaike weights, and goodness of fit statistics (scaled deviance, D*, and P value of associated Chi square test) for generalized linear models used to analyze the frequency of long-distance movements made by acoustic-tagged lake sturgeon in the lower St. Clair River during 2012, 2013, and 2014. Residence time = total days spent in the North and Middle Channels. Release group identifies individuals observed 0–14 days post-surgery and simultaneously-observed conspecifics tagged in prior years. The highest-ranking (best) model is italicized