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Fig. 1

From: A method of spatial correction for acoustic positioning biotelemetry

Fig. 1

Location of the three study lakes in relation to each other at the IISD Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) in north-western Ontario, Canada (inset). Within each lake, the location of the radio-acoustic positioning and telemetry (RAPT) buoys are shown by the points of the large triangles. The locations of the stationary tag trials are shown by the following symbols: stations where data were unmodified (asterisk); stations where data had to be modified due to inconsistent positioning (open triangles); and stations that were removed from analysis (filled square) either due to insufficient number of detections or measurement errors not represented by a bivariate normal distribution. Bathymetric contours are shown every 1 m (grey dashed line) and every 5 m (grey solid line) for each lake

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