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Table 4 Mean change in depth for non-exposure and exposure dive inversions

From: An animal-borne active acoustic tag for minimally invasive behavioral response studies on marine mammals

Seal Mean change in depth for non-exposure inversions (m) Mean change in depth for exposure inversions (m) Anderson–Darling k-sample test
G5449 14.875 (±13.997) n = 283 70.5 n = 1 n/a
G6110 16.749 (±16.293) n = 8 186 n = 1 n/a
G6651 24.867 (±39.981) n = 30 96.36 (±59.23) n = 7 p = <0.001
  1. Dive inversions are defined by a change from ascending to descending >3 m over 4 s, for all dives deeper than 100 m. Standard deviation is given in parentheses, and n is given for each. Results from an Anderson–Darling k-sample test comparing the change in depth of an inversion from ascending to descending, normalized by maximum depth of dive, for exposure inversions of seal G6651 to non-exposure inversions from seal G5449 (n = 283) are given