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Fig. 1

From: Active acoustic tracking suggests that soft sediment fishes can show site attachment: a preliminary assessment of the movement patterns of the blue-spotted flathead (Platycephalus caeruleopunctatus)

Fig. 1

Sources: NSW Department of Primary Industries, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Geoscience Australia. Mangrove, seagrass and saltmarsh boundaries as defined in [31]

Study location in Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia. Area where tagged fish were captured and released in Hare Bay no-take sanctuary zone is shown within the black square. All areas in shades of blue are marine sand; other major habitat types are indicated in the legend. Inset map: location of Jervis Bay in Australia. Subtidal reef features digitised preferentially from swath bathymetry, LADS, and ADS40 aerial imagery.

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