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Table 1 Confusion matrix showing tenfold cross-validation performance of the 5-nearest neighbor classification algorithm run on Fox1

From: Use of bio-loggers to characterize red fox behavior with implications for studies of magnetic alignment responses in free-roaming animals

Accuracy (%) 95.7 True class Precision (%)
Cohen’s kappa: 0.92 Leaping Foraging Trotting
Predicted class Leaping 261 0 11 96.0
Foraging 0 100 3 97.1
Trotting 4 0 36 90.0
  Recall (%) 98.5 100.0 72.0  
  1. The results displayed in this matrix can be viewed as estimates of how well the classifier, trained on data from Fox1, would perform on new, unseen data from this same fox
  2. Italicized values indicate cases where ground-truth behaviors (i.e. 'true class') match classifier prediction (i.e. 'predicted class')