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Table 2 Confusion matrix showing performance of the 5-nearest neighbor classification algorithm trained on data from Fox1 and tested on data from Fox2

From: Use of bio-loggers to characterize red fox behavior with implications for studies of magnetic alignment responses in free-roaming animals

Accuracy (%): 66.7 True class Precision (%)
Cohen’s kappa: 0.50 Leaping Foraging Trotting
Predicted class Leaping 7 0 0 100.0
Foraging 3 5 6 35.7
Trotting 0 2 10 83.3
  Recall (%) 70.0 71.4 62.5  
  1. The results displayed in this matrix can be viewed as estimates of how well the classifier, trained on Fox1, would perform on new, unseen data from a different fox
  2. Italicized values indicate cases where ground-truth behaviors (i.e. 'true class') match classifier prediction (i.e. 'predicted class')