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Table 1 Ethogram of baboon behaviours

From: Identification of behaviours from accelerometer data in a wild social primate

Behaviour Description
Aggressive display Threatening body postures (stare, open mouth) accompanied by ground slaps or shaking vegetation with forelimbs
Body shake Fast whole body movement from side to side
Climbing downward Motion downwards from trees or buildings
Climbing upward Motion upwards in trees or buildings
Complex locomotion Pivoting/spinning while walking
Foraging Actively handling or consuming food
Grooming (actor) Picking at or looking through fur of self (auto-grooming) or conspecific (allogrooming)
Grooming (receiver) Being groomed by a conspecific
Inspecting female Touching and/or inspecting female genitals
Jumping Jumping off a high feature such as a building or post
Mating Mounting and/or copulating with female
Resting (lying) Lying down in any postures (dorsal, ventral or on the side)
Resting (sitting) Sat motionless
Running Moving on the ground with galloping gait
Scratching Self-scratching with hind legs
Standing Stationary in quadrupedal posture
Walking Moving on the ground with a walking gait
  1. Behaviours observed in 9.3 h of video data for n = 9 baboons. The behaviours selected for further analysis are highlighted in italics; see Table 2 for details of sample sizes