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Fig. 1

From: Best practice recommendations for the use of fully implanted telemetry devices in pinnipeds

Fig. 1

A second-generation LHX2 implantable Argos-compatible satellite transmitter (Wildlife Computers Inc., Redmond, WA) is shown on the right. Exterior dimensions are 97 mm length by 33 mm diameter. The tag mass is 54 g; buoyancy is 0.26 N. The device is coated in Epo-Tek 302-3M resin, a material certified under the USP Class 6 standard for biological reactivity. The QR code links to information on the tag, project and rewards for return. A VHF radio transmitter (ATS Inc., Isanti, MN) is shown in the middle. Exterior dimensions are 90 mm length by 59 mm width by 30 mm thickness. The transmitter mass is 150 g; buoyancy is −0.27 N. The device is cast in an unspecified electrical resin and coated with an unspecified USP Class 6-certified material (© Markus Horning)

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