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Fig. 4

From: Motes enhance data recovery from satellite-relayed biologgers and can facilitate collaborative research into marine habitat utilization

Fig. 4

a Relationship between elevation of Motes at their deployment site and Mote coverage areas (areas where Motes received 100% of transmitted messages in km2) for Motes in the Hawaiian array (triangles) and the Southern California array (dots). Adjusted R 2 = 0.90 and p = 0.049 for the linear regression for model with coverage area as the response variable, and elevation and Mote array location (Hawaii vs. Southern California) as explanatory variables (n = 5, df 3). b Rate of uplink reception per hour as a function of the Mote coverage area and Mote array location. Adjusted R 2 = 0.71 and p = 0.071 for the linear regression with uplinks per hour as the response variable and coverage area as explanatory variables (n = 5, df 3)

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