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Fig. 2

From: Assessment of PIT tag retention and post-tagging survival in metamorphosing juvenile sea lamprey

Fig. 2

Percent cumulative survival for three groups of sea lamprey implanted with 12-mm HDX PIT tags and held in laboratory tanks. Group 1 (a) and group 2 (b) sea lamprey were collected from Fort River, MA, tagged (solid lines) and held in observation tanks with untagged controls (dashed lines), and monitored for 64 and 47 d, respectively. Group 1 and 2 tagged sea lamprey were held for an additional 54 day after control animals were removed to continue monitoring survival and tag retention. Group 3 sea lamprey (b, dotted gray line) were collected from two tributaries to Lake Champlain and monitored for 60 d; they were then tagged and monitored for 41 day post-tagging to assess survival and tag retention

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