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Table 1 Identifications, deployment dates and times, dates and times when the tags reached the surface (‘Pop-up date/time’) for the six PSATs that were physically recovered following deployment on Atlantic halibut

From: Pop-up satellite archival tag (PSAT) temporal data resolution affects interpretations of spawning behaviour of a commercially important teleost

Tag ID Halibut length (cm) Deployment date Deployment time Programed pop-up date Actual pop-up date Pop-up time Number of archived data Number of transmitted data
131931 108 Oct/1/2013 17:24 Oct/1/2014 Oct/1/2014 14:16 262582 11788
131927 125 Oct/1/2013 20:19a Oct/1//2014 Oct/6/2014 10:21 269993 11923
131926 139 Oct/2/2013 11:30 Oct/2/2014 Oct/2/2014 8:33 263382 11818
131924 125 Oct/1/2013 20:04a Oct/1/2014 Oct/1/2014 17:02 262214 11810
131920 126 Oct/1/2013 20:16a Oct/1/2014 Oct/1/2014 19:56 264019 11836
131932 140 Oct/1/2013 20:19a Oct/1/2014 Jul/24/2014 20:00 212920 11669
  1. Also listed are the total numbers of ‘archived’ data (2-min resolution) and ‘transmitted’ data (30- or 60-min resolution) between the identified dates and times
  2. aIndicates a minimum deployment time, as there were no data recovered that registered surface depths on the deployment date. PSAT 131932 was recovered in the halibut fishery, attached to the halibut