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Fig. 4

From: A test of the detection range of acoustic transmitters and receivers deployed in deep waters of Southeast Alaska, USA

Fig. 4

Relative to the total number of tag ID transmissions estimated to have occurred for each acoustic transmitter, the proportions that were detected by each of the acoustic receivers that were placed at range-test Stations 2-6. a Receiver placed at 150 m depth at Station 2; b receiver placed at 400 m depth at Station 2; c receiver placed at 300 m depth at Station 3; d receiver placed at 145 m depth at Station 4; e receiver placed at 298 m depth at Station 5; and f receiver placed at 303 m depth at Station 6. In each panel, the receiver’s depth below the sea surface is indicated. Open circles connected by dashed lines indicate transmitters that were suspended 0.5 m off bottom and solid diamonds connected by solid lines represent transmitters suspended 5.0 m off bottom

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