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Fig. 1

From: Performance of a low-cost, solar-powered pop-up satellite archival tag for assessing post-release mortality of Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) caught in the US east coast light-tackle recreational fishery

Fig. 1

Daily average solar panel and capacitor voltage (a), minimum daily temperature (b), and daily maximum ΔT min−1 (c) for the 15 Atlantic bluefin tuna for which tag data were recovered. Short horizontal solid lines represent the mean daily summary values for each fish. The horizontal dashed lines in a refer to the maximum and minimum solar capacitor voltages (3.6 and 2.2 V); the horizontal dashed line in b refers to the minimum temperature threshold for pop-off (4.5 °C); the horizontal dashed line in c refers to the daily maximum ΔT min−1 threshold for pop-off (72 h at less than 0.2 °C). The black diamonds for Fish #12 correspond to the daily summary data from when the tag/fish were presumably inside a lamnid shark, characterized by darkness (reflected by low solar panel voltage), a high minimum temperature, and a low daily maximum ΔT min−1

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