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Table 2 Retention and loss rates for each period

From: Long-term PIT tag retention rates in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Handling Days R (%) per day Loss (%) per day IndYears Loss per IndYears
First sampling 49 99.975 0.0246 390 0.090a
Second sampling 90 99.995 0.0054 306 0.020b
Third sampling 173 99.999 0.0014 601 0.005b
Fourth sampling 358 99.979 0.0211 1284 0.077a
Fifth sampling 533 99.980 0.0200 616 0.073a
  1. Number of days from tagging to sampling (days) with parameters describing retention and loss rates in each period: proportion of fish retaining their tag (R) scaled with time, proportion of fish with lost tags (loss) scaled with time, number of fish multiplied with time in years (IndYears), and number of lost tags per individual and years with a letter denoting rates significantly different at a 0.05 significance level