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Fig. 4

From: Movement patterns of a commercially important, free-ranging marine invertebrate in the vicinity of a bait source

Fig. 4

Movement in the absence and presence of traps. a Lobster 28179, b lobster 28187, c lobster 28189, d lobster 28192, e lobster 56815 deployment 2, f lobster 56815 deployment 3, g lobster 56816. Pre-trap trajectories = black dashed line, post-trap trajectories = solid line, pre-trap 50% utilisation distribution = red dashed line, and post-trap 50% utilisation distribution = red solid line. Utilisation distributions were calculated using AdehabitatHR [49], \({\textit{h}} = 5.5\), \({\hbox {grid}} = 300\), and \({\hbox {extent}} = 0.1\). For further discussion on the importance of these parameters see [59]. Coloured squares represent traps deployed at the time of approach

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