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Fig. 1

From: Effects of harness-attached tracking devices on survival, migration, and reproduction in three species of migratory waterfowl

Fig. 1

Schematic design of the harness attachment design and study species. a A schematic design of the harness attachment design with locations indicated where cramping rings are placed. Before deployment, the harness is attached to the front end of the tracking device (upper picture). During deployment, the harness is fastened on the goose by placing the neck loop over the head and attaching the ends of the body loop to the sides of the tracking device (under the wing of the bird). The cramping rings are used to adjust the size of the harness to fit the individual bird. bd The study species equipped with tracking devices and the harness: b a male Brent Goose; c a family of greater white-fronted geese, and c a female Barnacle Goose

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