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Fig. 7

From: Characterizing activity and assessing bycatch survival of Pacific halibut with accelerometer Pop-up Satellite Archival Tags

Fig. 7

Activity and depth occupation heat maps for Port Frederick fish. Pop-up Satellite Archival Tag (PSAT) metrics (a and b), activity modes (c), and mean depth (d) by hour of the day (Y axis) for each day of the data set (X axis) for two Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis), Fish PF-2 and Fish PF-3, tagged in Port Frederick (PF), Alaska. The plot region between two white lines represents night (UTM 00:00 corresponds to 16:00 local time). For PSAT metrics KD (count of abrupt changes in tilt, a) and “%tilt” (proportion of time spent active, b), dark colors indicate low values and light colors indicate high values. Activity modes (c) are derived from KD and %tilt values (Fig. 6c) and consist of (1) stationary (dark blue), (2) hopping (magenta), and (3) sustained swimming (yellow)

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