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Fig. 8

From: Characterizing activity and assessing bycatch survival of Pacific halibut with accelerometer Pop-up Satellite Archival Tags

Fig. 8

Activity heat maps for Bering Sea healthy fish, carcass tags, and weighted tags. Pop-up Satellite Archival Tag acceleration metrics KD (count of abrupt changes in tilt) and %tilt (proportion of time spent active) by hour of the day (Y axis) for each day of the data set (X axis) for Bering Sea (BS) data sets. The plot region between two white lines represents night (UTM 00:00 corresponds to 16:00 local time). Examples of a a healthy longline-caught Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis), fish BS-5, b the weighted tag from Station 3, where tidal influence is apparent in the tilt data as diagonal patterns over periods of 3–4 days, c a carcass tag from Station 2, and d a carcass tag from Station 5. Dark colors indicate low values and light colors indicate high values. White space indicates no data

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