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Fig. 7

From: Development and utilization of implantable cardiac monitors in free-ranging American black and Eurasian brown bears: system evolution and lessons learned

Fig. 7

Sample episode recordings. a Recording from a yearling brown bear in Sweden killed by another brown bear showing heart rate acceleration associated with the attack (26-Feb-2014). b Ventricular fibrillation recorded from an adult female black bear that was hit by a car in Minnesota (31-Jul-2017). c Electrocardiogram of an adult female black bear legally shot by a hunter in Minnesota (up to 261 beats/min, 02-Sep-2010). d Asystole recorded from a 3 ½-year-old female brown bear during hibernation in Sweden (39.4 s, 03-Nov-2016). a, b, d Were recorded with the Generation 2 (GEN 2) device with the BearWare software patch. c Used GEN 2 with conventional software

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