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Table 5 Variance and repeatability estimates for individual ID

From: Assessing the utility and limitations of accelerometers and machine learning approaches in classifying behaviour during lactation in a phocid seal

Behaviour Variance SE Feat. var. adj.-R
Rest 0.042 0.019 stX 0.373
Alert 0.042 0.020 stZ 0.295
Presenting/Nursing 0.122 0.053 stX 0.600
Locomotion 0.037 0.018 stZ 0.248
Comfort Movement 0.212 0.096 Pitch 0.619
Flippering pup 0.058 0.029 Roll 0.925*
  1. Variance explained by individual ID across pooled data of top feature variable, stZ. Variance and standard error (SE) of the random effect of individual ID were estimated over 1000 bootstrapped samples within a generalized linear mixed effects model using the ‘rptR’ package in R [63], adjusted for maternal post-partum mass for repeat capture females (n = 11). No variance was explained by the random effect of year. Repeatability (adj.-R) for each behaviour was estimated with specific feature variables (Feat. Var.) corresponding to each behaviour using the same mixed effect model structure. Those repeatability estimates that were significant as determined through likelihood ratio tests are labelled with an (*)