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Fig. 1

From: Autumn migration and wintering site of a wood warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix breeding in Denmark identified using geolocation

Fig. 1

Migration of the tracked wood warbler from Denmark to Côte d’Ivoire [circles indicate stopover sites, error bars are standard deviations (SD)] compared to ringing and recovery sites (connected with grey lines) of birds ringed during breeding and autumn migration (n = 28). All recoveries south of Sahara of birds ringed in Europe are indicated as dark grey triangles (n = 5). Inset indicates timing and number of days used on migration (grey) and stopover days for each migration stage (colours in the stacked bar diagram match the colour of the circle for geographical reference). Shaded area in Africa indicates the main known wintering area of wood warbler [9]. Black dashed lines (latitudinal movement including equinox) and solid lines (longitudinal movement) connecting circles give a visual representation of the route of the tracked wood warbler (for actual raw position data over time, see Additional file 1: Figure S1). The geolocator battery died 13 January 2015

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