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Fig. 4

From: Detection efficiency of acoustic biotelemetry sensors on Wave Gliders

Fig. 4

Acoustic detections throughout the Wave Glider (WG) mission in relation to factors that may affect detection efficiency. a Noise, b water temperature and c tilt angle measured on the three transceivers (high, medium and low) on the south mooring line and the very high transceiver on the WG. d Pitch and roll angle of the WG sub and a running mean and standard deviation (SD, 3-minute time window) of the pitch. e Wind speed measured on the WG in 5-minute increments, smooth wind (Loess smoother, span = 0.05) and significant wave height. f Distance between the WG and the north (gray) and south (pink) mooring, with detection times on the forward and backward receivers. Night periods (sunset to sunrise) are shaded gray

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