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Fig. 2

From: A standardised framework for analysing animal detections from automated tracking arrays

Fig. 2

Case study 1: Comparison of movement and activity space metrics across four species (Green: Grey Reef Shark [n = 27], Red: Bull Shark [n = 28], Blue: Yellowfin Bream [n = 28], Yellow: Yellowtail Kingfish [n = 24]) tagged at multiple sites. Numbers in parentheses on y axis represent sample sizes of species monitored at each site. Boxplots display the range, 25% and 75% quantiles with points representing median values for dispersal step distances (km) estimated from raw detections and extent of activity space (95% BB-KUD; km2) estimated using COA estimates. Coloured points on maps represent release locations of tagged animals at all sites, with black points representing position of acoustic array network in the region used to monitor tagged animals. F and p values for within species ANOVA comparisons are displayed in each panel. Area of site array was incorporated into ANOVA comparisons to allow cross-site comparisons

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