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Fig. 3

From: A standardised framework for analysing animal detections from automated tracking arrays

Fig. 3

Case study 2: Comparison of activity spaces of multiple species within Sydney Harbour. a Centres of activity (60 min time step, coloured crosses) Minimum convex polygons (broken coloured polygons) and Brownian bridge kernel utilisation distributions (50% contour = filled dark polygons; 95% contour = filled light polygons) for a representative individual of Yellowfin Bream (blue), Yellowtail Kingfish (yellow), and Bull Shark (red). Black points represent locations of VR2 W receivers. be Boxplots comparing 50% BB-KUD, 95% BB-KUD, MCP areas, and numbers of detections among the three species (blue: Yellowfin Bream n = 3, yellow: Yellowtail Kingfish n = 3, and red: Bull Shark n = 3)

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