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Table 1 Multiple regression models fitted to the longitudinal and lateral positional error which was measured while manual tracking a hidden tag on a small stream in Banff National Park, AB, Canada, using the Gain Reduction Method

From: The Gain Reduction Method for manual tracking of radio-tagged fish in streams

Response variableModel termsβwβw rankSEtp
Longitudinal positional error (m)Lateral tag position (m)0.14030.0450.870.390
Stream depth (m)0.16020.9741.530.130
Stream width (m)− 0.08740.060− 0.80.43
Gain (dB)0.34010.0252.210.037
Velocity (m/s)− 0.08250.449− 0.780.440
Specific conductivity (μS/cm)0.01260.0030.120.905
Lateral positional error (m)Lateral tag position (m)0.4510.0763.000.004
Longitudinal error (m)0.3520.1803.20.001
Stream depth (m)0.09751.6410.990.221
Gain (dB)− 0.15040.042− 1.000.290
Velocity (m/s)0.06960.7570.710.420
Specific conductivity (μS/cm)0.19130.0042.000.047
  1. The weights of the model coefficients (βw) and rankings (βw rank) are presented to assess the relative importance of each model term. Standard error (SE) and t-statistic (t) are provided, and significant model terms are bolded