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Fig. 4

From: Deep learning accurately predicts white shark locomotor activity from depth data

Fig. 4

Model prediction accuracy over increasing integrated time periods. Resampled estimates of the time-integrated accuracy metric for locomotor activity predictions from artificial neural network (ANN) model for shark 1 (red) and shark 2 (blue) following (a, b) 1 h, (c, d) 3 h, and (e, f) 12 h of training data. A dashed line (a, b) traces the performance of a null model—the median calculated value of ODBA across increasing integrated time periods. Overall performance was insensitive to increased training above 1 h. Accuracy increased with time over which ODBA was integrated (af, x axes) in all cases. Generally, only marginal gains were achieved above time scales of 5 to 10 min

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