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Fig. 2

From: Testing cellular phone-enhanced GPS tracking technology for urban carnivores

Fig. 2

Variograms contrasting the two most representative individuals for a the 60 min sampling regime—individual B1; and b the 30 min sampling regime—individual M2. The black line and gray shading depict the semi-variance ± 95% CIs, whereas the red line and shading depict the fitted movement model ± 95% CIs of the model fit. The lower panels shows the fine-scale features of these variograms under c the 60 min sampling regime for raccoon B1; and d the 30 min sampling regime for raccoon M2. Note that in a and b the semi-variance reaches an asymptote, evidencing range residency—i.e., the time required to reach the asymptote is roughly the home range crossing time. Although both sampling regimes produced sufficient data for home range analysis, the 30 min sampling regime provided more fine-scale information, and an improved model fit at short time lags

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