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Fig. 1

From: Movement and heart rate in the Scandinavian brown bear (Ursus arctos)

Fig. 1

Scatter plot of day-of-year (x-axis) against heart rate (bpm) (y-axis) grouped by reproductive status (accompanied bears (A, n = 5) in green and solitary bears (S, n = 18) in orange), in brown bears in southcentral Sweden (P < 0.001). The values are represented by dots and the lines represent the smoothed regression lines (mean ± se) with degree of smoothing α = 0.4. The grey vertical lines separate the different months: [121–151] for May, [152–181] for June, [182–212] for July and [213–243] for August except in 2016 which is bissextile (shift of 1 day for each month)

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