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Table 1 Summary of the outcomes of the Wald Test for each model term that was dropped and compared to the full model developed using a Generalized Estimation Equation (GEE) for detection efficiency (DE)

From: The critical detection distance for passively tracking tagged fish using a fixed radio telemetry station in a small stream

Model responseModel covariateRangeDFχ2p-value
Detection efficiency (DE)Turbidity (NTU)0.5–8.613.40.07
Tag distance (m)0–803144<0.0001
Water depth (m)0.13–0.4718.50.004
Water temperature (°C)2.2–7.519.750.002
Distance-temperatureNA362< 0.0001
  1. An AR1 covariance term for temporal autocorrelation and tag ID was included as a random effect in the GEE. The ‘Location’ term is a categorical variable with 4 levels, where 0 m was used as the baseline level in the fitted model. Significant p-values of model terms are italicized. This is simply used to provide an understanding of hypothesis testing rather than the fit of our final model