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Table 3 Phases of the data collection

From: Effects of bio-loggers on behaviour and corticosterone metabolites of Northern Bald Ibises (Geronticus eremita) in the field and in captivity

PhasesContext 1—aviaryContext 2—field
Phase 1A 4-day-long pre-treatment observation phase; JulyAn 11-day-long pre-treatment data collection phase; October till November
Phase 2A 2-day-long treatment phase (i.e. capturing and equipping); JulyA 1-day-long treatment phase (handling procedure and transmitter attachment); November
Phase 3A 4-day-long post-treatment observation phase; JulyA 10-day-long post-treatment data collection phase; November
Phase 4A 5-day-long post-treatment data collection phase 1 month later; December
Phase 5A 5-day-long post-treatment data collection phase 2 months later; January