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Fig. 1

From: Scalloped hammerhead sharks swim on their side with diel shifts in roll magnitude and periodicity

Fig. 1

The rolling behavior of a scalloped hammerhead shark. a Time series data of the roll angle of HH11 for the entire 29-day deployment period. A diel pattern is seen, with increased magnitude in the roll angle each night. Red box indicates the time segment in b. A 24-h segment of the time series in a shows the increase in the roll period at night with longer durations spent on each side. Red box indicates the time segment in c. An hour-long segment at night shows the shark swimming at approximately a 60° angle with negative readings indicating banking to the left side and positive readings indicating banking to the right side. d The silhouettes of a forward facing scalloped hammerhead banked at 60° angles to the left and right show how the dorsal fin can be used as a lift-generating surface, forming a dihedral angle with the pectoral fin

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