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Table 1 Details of accelerometer tag package deployments on nine adult male scalloped hammerhead sharks

From: Scalloped hammerhead sharks swim on their side with diel shifts in roll magnitude and periodicity

Shark IDTagging dateSexTagging latitude (DD)Tagging longitude (DD)PCL (cm)TL (cm)Accel. tag typeTotal deployment data time (days hh:mm)
HH15/26/16Male21.45238− 157.79405~ 260aDD06 03:13
HH37/13/16Male21.43401− 157.78619161221DD18 16:24
HH55/25/17Male21.45212− 157.7915166240DD22 22:17
HH66/5/17Male21.48026− 157.83043164240DD22 05:36
HH76/26/17Male21.48405− 157.82669187270TDR1022 20:47
HH86/27/17Male21.481373− 157.829282136204TDR1022 15:38
HH97/18/17Male21.483062− 157.82776165245DD16 04:40
HH107/26/17Male21.482761− 157.827998181263TDR1022 05:00
HH115/17/18Male21.482323− 157.828314179256DD29 04:50
  1. aA rough estimate of total body length was taken when the shark was along the side of the boat