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Table 2 Summary of body length and fin measurements of four male scalloped hammerheads

From: Scalloped hammerhead sharks swim on their side with diel shifts in roll magnitude and periodicity

Date sampledSampling opportunityLat. (DD)Long. (DD)PCL (cm)FL (cm)TL (cm)Pectoral length (cm)Pectoral height (cm)Dorsal length (cm)Dorsal height (cm)Dorsal:pectoral height ratio
7/26/17HH1021.482− 157.827181202263213234361.13:1
4/20/18Found dead on reef21.440− 157.799178195261222934341.17:1
5/17/18HH1121.482− 157.82817925622.53538431.23:1
3/29/19Separate fishing effort21.503− 157.788173189244213033351.17:1