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Table 2 Performance measures on test track positioning for the different filtering techniques (VPS-NF, no filtering; HPE, 75%-quantile HPE as threshold; good p., good performance filter, i.e. only positions from good performing receiver clusters; bad p., bad performance filter, i.e. removing positions from bad performing clusters) and for YAPS positioning

From: Acoustic positioning in a reflective environment: going beyond point-by-point algorithms

Test tracks
% positions kept100714962193
% positions on land0.40.300.30.8
N positions on land21017
Min error (m)
Mean error (m)
median error (m)
95%-quantile error (m)24.420.823.32626.5
99%-quantile error (m)45.542.940.545.238.5
Max error (m)10748.246.348.247.2