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Table 3 Performance measures on eel and salmon positioning for the different filtering techniques

From: Acoustic positioning in a reflective environment: going beyond point-by-point algorithms

% positions kept100472152198
% positions on land13710115
N positions on land11,4962763188648918860
95%-quantile V1.10.50.610.4
99%-quantile V3.
Max V17.7513.917.78.9
% V > sustained9.
% V > burst100.310
% positions kept100573359417
% positions on land52652
N positions on land13762625027692302
95%-quantile V (m/s)
99%-quantile V (m/s)
Max V (m/s)15.7310152.9
% V >  sustained6.
% V >  burst0.800.10.70
  1. (VPS-NF, no filtering; HPE, 75%-quantile HPE as threshold; good p., only positions from good performing receiver clusters; bad p., removing positions from bad performing clusters) and for YAPS positioning