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Table 3 In situ geomagnetic archival tag resolution

From: Potential utility of geomagnetic data for geolocation of demersal fishes in the North Pacific Ocean

Tag IDDepth (m)Magnetic offset (nT)Range detailed (nT)S.D. daily means (nT)Median diff (nT)Wilcoxon p-valueHMM MAE (km)HMM mean error poly size (km2)
DS-1134− 40512186303− 1781.95e−1414.3242
SO-1135− 48081939543− 380.48795.3278
DS-21363651496159− 271< 2.2e−166.3195
DS-3137− 23942020263183< 2.2e−164.9349
  1. Tag mooring depth, offset that links tag measured total magnetic field values to mapped value at mooring location, range of detailed (4-min resolution) total magnetic field measurements, standard deviation of total magnetic field daily means, median difference between daily means and mapped value, Wilcoxon rank sums p-value for detecting bias, mean absolute error (MAE) between mooring and estimated locations from hidden Markov model (HMM), and mean size of daily error estimates from HMM. No HMM results were available for tag SO-2 because values measured were outside of the range of values in the study area